Version 0.3.0a is finally out!

It has taken me about 5 months to re-code the whole game and update the gameplay, and now it's finally done!

I have remade the whole level that was in the last build of the game, and the way the level is now is much closer to what I have in mind for the final product :)

There are so many updates in this new version that I don't stand a chance at summing them all up, but I'll try anyway:

  • It is now possible to gain extra points when hitting enemies, by not letting the ball touch the ground between every time you hit an enemy. You can look at this like a kill-streak counter which gives you more points as long as you can keep up the streak. While maintaining the streak, the amount of points per hit doubles with every hit! A small sound can be heared for every hit that grants extra points.
  • In some parts of the gameplay the ball can now become inactive, which is shown by it turning gray. The same thing happens to the miracle-counter which means that the player will not be able to use miracles.
  • The luck-todders attacks are no longer randomly generated, as this was too hard to balance. Now they only have a set of different attacks to use, where they randomly pick out one of them.
  • The gameplay does no longer start immediately after the game has loaded. Instead it now promps the player to press Z on the keyboard or A on the controller.
  • You now start with only 2 miracles instead of 3, but now when you die the miracle-count will reset to 2. In other words, you have 2 miracles per life.
  • If an error occures in the game you should now hear some kind of Windows-sound playing, signalling that something has gone wrong.
  • Bullets now becomes white for a moment when you destroy them by shooting at them. Bullet's that touch the player will become red.
  • When playing the game in fullscreen the game will now make sure that it sticks to the correct aspect-ratio for the game (16:9).
  • The game will no longer prioritize input from a controller over the keyboard. It listens to both now :)
  • Changed around on the colors of some of the user-interfaces. It looks much better now :P
  • You can now turn on V-Sync in the game's settings-file. This is an experimental feature!
  • The game now uses a font that looks much more fitting with the game's artstyle.
  • The names of the enemies are now displayed up in the left corner of the screen.
  • There are two different luck-todders now. Clover-Todder and Spade-Todder.
  • The pause-menu now has sounds playing while you navigate through it.
  • A new melody was added to the game that plays during the boss battle.
  • Did some minor changes on the appearance of the enemies.
  • Added some new attacks for the enemies and the boss.
  • The last digit of the score now carry some extra value...
  • Bullets now gets destroyed when touching the player.
  • XBOX-controls are now listed up in the pause-menu.
  • Fixed up the look of the pause-menu in the game.
  • Added a running-animation to the player.
  • Added a background-image for the level.

I would also like to mention that this game now has it's own Discord-server where you can find both players of the game, and the devs. By devs I mean myself, but possibly more people also. If you're interested you can join the server here:

Thank you for following the development of this game <3

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Version 0.3.0a Jan 26, 2018

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