Version 0.2.1a

I have finally taken me the time to make an update! This has taken way too long. Sorry about that :P

It took me about half a year combined to first decide that I wanted to continue making this game, and then actually making the new build :)

Here's a list of the changes from the last build:

  • In case of an error occurring while the game is running, it will (hopefully) now give an explaination for the error in the form of a simple message popping up, with a much more technical explaination stored in a file called Errorlog.txt. Note that the Errorlog-file resets completely every time you start the game. If an error occurs you have to check the file before starting the game up again!
  • Added a new feature! I call it the Miracle (for plot-related reasons). It's a special attack (sort of like the bomb in Touhou 1) which you can activate by pressing the A-key on the keyboard, or the Y-button on an XBOX-controller. Be sure to notice that you can only use it three times. Check it out in the game!
  • When the player-character respawns after death, the player will start blinking in a fast rhythm while the player is invincible. When 2/3 of the invincible-time has passed it will start blinking at half pace, signalling that the time is running out.
  • In the pause-menu there is now an option added called "Controls" where you can read the keyboard-controls for the game. The list of controls for an XBOX-controller will come in a later build.
  • Added a (bad-looking) Game Over-screen where you can either restart the game, or exit.
  • Added a new melody playing at the Game Over-screen. It's a slower (sader) version of what is planned to be the main theme for the game.
  • Added a Settings-file which saves your fullscreen-setting (true/false).
  • Fixed some bugs (I don't have a list of the bugs. Sorry :P).

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    Version 0.2.1-a Sep 16, 2017

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