Sooo... where's the update?

Since the last update of the game, I've been focusing on rewriting the code instead of actually making new content. Now, with that said I have made som new stuff as well. I have created a background for the demo-level, a boss fight-melody, and I've made lots of plans for what's to come later in the game, but right now I'm still re-coding everything, so I don't really have anything to show yet.

Last time I said that I was about 60% done re-coding, and in retrospect that was a massive lie. I know now that I was probably only 30 - 40% complete, but this time I am able to say with confidence that I am at least 80% done! So, does this mean that the new version will be coming out in a few days? Probably not. The reason for this is that I want to change up the gameplay-content that exists in the current version, because let's face it, the boss-fight is a mess! So it will probably take some time to come up with a better solution for that fight.

Anyway, I have fixed a lot of issues with the game's code, but I'll adress this in another post. I look forward to go back to making new content for the game, and I hope you will test it out once I publish it.

If anyone is even reading these posts I will say that I am very grateful of your enthusiasm about the development of this game. Thank you for reading <3

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